Cape Verde

If you want to experience the exotic but also do not want to travel're too far away as Cape Verde (Green portugalsky out) for you to literally "right choice". It is the African island state, which consists of 9 larger inhabited islands and several smaller uninhabited islands. I recently had the opportunity to visit one of these beautiful islands- will. This tiny African island I immediately fell in love and I am sure, that in your case it will also be a similar feeling as soon as you can read this article!

The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese, but most residents are Communicative ability Creole(something like their native language), which was the basis for Portuguese. Culture have a very diverse, It is a mixture of European and African roots. I think, that as we talk about Africa it is probably clear to everyone, that live here mostly dancing and singing the talented people of show off almost unearthly. Sal Island received its name from the bearings salt in Pedra de Lume, that you can visit as a tourist attraction and we could stop at this point not to miss in any plan for each individual researcher.

arose before 50 millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions, which is now extinct, but the relic is still noticeable and attractive tourist. Despite the fact that the island is very arid (v porovnaní napríklad s ostrovom Santo

Antão či São Vincente, We are known for its forests) and does not have much coverage here 24/7 blows fresh wind, which sweetens high temperatures. Capital Espargos is named after the local plants resembling asparagus – asparagus, if only from afar. It is the capital and the largest city. On the hill rises radar tower air traffic control across West Africa. There is also a slum, which literally reminds slums in poor parts of Africa and India.

Nearest town (the second largest on the island) and also naznámejšie tourist town of the island is less than 5 minutes from the Hotel Oasis Salinas Sea, which I will mention later. Well known is that the local pier, kde prebieha každý víkend rybí trh a chudobné detičky tu

predávajú mušle. You will find operators trips, sports equipment rentals, surfing club or restaurant. There is also a number of dealers and souvenir shops that are left behind, krásna pláž a po okolí množstvo hotelov. Tickets and also the whole stay on the island I would recommended to order at least six months in advance, when everything cost at least a little more favorable. I have an amazing experience with the Hotel Riu Palace Cabo Verde and Oasis Salinas Sea. Affordable are doing very similarly, no patri k tým luxusnejším na tomto

ostrove. Of course be taken into account, that, afričania tam pokladajú päť hviezdičkový hotel za niečo úplne iné ako napríklad takí francúzi ale napriek ich zvykom boli perfektné. Both of these options are less than 5 minutes from beautiful beaches with white sand and you can there that she experienced the true African atmosphere.. whether in the dining room or on varied programs.

To get to know a new culture and a completely different way of life, so do not hesitate.. me this small island has changed quite a look at some things in life. People here are very respectful, kind and polite. On every corner they wished me a nice day or praise, whether clothing or general appearance, which unfortunately in our country full závistlyvých people see every day. During the few days I've created here friends for life and I firmly believe, that there will soon return!

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