Red-city Bologna

Why red city?

Na túto otázku Vám odpoviem nižšie v článku, where what it tell us about our trip to Italy. The first day, as we arrived I said,, that I remain here. Centrum mesta s nádychom starých budov ma naozaj očarilo.

Takmer všetci si s mestom Bologna spájajú tradičné boloňské špagety, But I will now bring out the error. Legendárne boloňské špagety v Bologni nenájdete a ani si ich v reštaurácií nepýtajte, even though you probably understand. They are tagliatelle ala Bolognese. Each has its own pasta sauce designated. A flat 4 dni v meste, kde na vás číha na každom rohu reštaurácia, patisserie or wine is really hard. 😄 Neviete, čo by ste mali skôr ochutnať.

The fact that the truth, that Italians drink coffee after the collar ( because when you sit on the square must pay taxes) I was convinced for yourself. 😄 Prídu, They ordered a small espresso, Drink by the collar, pay and leave.


To Bologna we flew out of Bratislava (let trval hodinu a pol). Fares range from 20 € + cost of baggage.

Transfers to and from the airport can take a bus or taxi. A taxi costs from € 15 (taxify or uber there does not). By bus you can go directly from the airport (6€) alebo je tu ešte iná možnosť (cheaper). You would need to go to the airport 10-15 minute walk to the bus stop "Birra bus stop" and then a local bus for 1.30 € (from the driver 1,50 €).

Type on flights:


My sme sa rozhodli pre ubytovanie z airbnb a boli sme maximálne spokojní. We lived about 10 minute walk from the Piazza Maggiore. Mali sme malý apartmán s kuchyňou a kúpeľnou. The kitchen was almost everything you need, hostess left us coffee, tea and a small snack for breakfast (croassanty, cakes,…) Accommodation I would evaluate 10/10, All we needed was at hand. Apartment was clean, not hear the bustle of the city and check-in was interesting for me. Vôbec sme sa nestretli s hostiteľkou. Using the code we got the keys, then we unlock everything you need. 😄

Link to accommodation: = 3cwe380lisbu

If you would like to get 30 € discount on accommodation from Airbnb, tak sa prihlaste pomocou tohto linku:


That in Italy need not worry. Miestne špeciality tu nájdete na každom rohu a tak isto aj hypermarkety/večierky. It should, however, pay attention to the opening hours of restaurants. Mean operating time is 12:30-15:00, 19:00-1:00. Taliani skrátka žijú aj v týždni a nemajú problém vypiť fľašku vína na obed. Reštaurácie, ktoré by som Vám odporučila:

  • F.G. Pasquini– excellent lasagna and spaghetti (a total of pasta if you would like to try) price: 9-15€ za obed

  • If you find local specialties, so visit Trattoria. We were in two, at first we had a traditional Tagliatelle alla Bolognese and pizzas. I think, that to that is not even have to speak, lebo bola úžasná. The apple Trattoria: pizza (+– 10€)

Both restaurants are in the main square.

meals, you would definitely have to taste:

  • Lasagne

  • Tagliatelle Bolognese

  • Pizza

  • Gelato

  • Tasting different cheeses, hams and wines

places, you should visit:

  • Due torri- dve veže higher is 97 meters and is called Asinelli, below is 47 meters and is interesting in, že sa nakláňa.
  • Piazza Maggiore

  • St. Paul's Cathedral. Petra- huge altar
  • Roam the streets
  • Alma matter– the oldest university in the world
  • Quadrilateral

Answering the question why the Bologna referred to as red / fire city sounds so, that almost all buildings are in red, orange, ocher, salmon or yellow in color, and when looking at them from above, napríklad z najvyššej veže tak tam uvidíte odpoveď.

Finally, I say, Bologna that conceals 7 Secrets of Bologna (7 secrets Bologna) a tie Vám prezradím v ďalšom článku. ✨

Ďakujeme za prečítanie a zatiaľ... LIVE THE ADVENTURE!
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