Red-city Bologna

Why red city?

This question will answer below in article, where what it tell us about our trip to Italy. The first day, as we arrived I said,, that I remain here. Center with a touch of old buildings really fascinated me.

Almost all of the city of Bologna combine traditional spaghetti bolognese, But I will now bring out the error. Legendary Spaghetti Bolognese in Bologna and even find them in restaurants do not ask, even though you probably understand. They are tagliatelle ala Bolognese. Each has its own pasta sauce designated. A flat 4 dni v meste, where lurking around every corner restaurant, patisserie or wine is really hard. 😄 Not sure, you should first taste.

The fact that the truth, that Italians drink coffee after the collar ( because when you sit on the square must pay taxes) I was convinced for yourself. 😄 will come, They ordered a small espresso, Drink by the collar, pay and leave.


To Bologna we flew out of Bratislava (flight lasted an hour and a half). Fares range from 20 € + cost of baggage.

Transfers to and from the airport can take a bus or taxi. A taxi costs from € 15 (taxify or uber there does not). By bus you can go directly from the airport (6€) or there's no other option (cheaper). You would need to go to the airport 10-15 minute walk to the bus stop "Birra bus stop" and then a local bus for 1.30 € (from the driver 1,50 €).

Type on flights:


We decided to accommodate the Airbnb and we were very satisfied. We lived about 10 minute walk from the Piazza Maggiore. We had a small apartment with kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen was almost everything you need, hostess left us coffee, tea and a small snack for breakfast (croassanty, cakes,…) Accommodation I would evaluate 10/10, All we needed was at hand. Apartment was clean, not hear the bustle of the city and check-in was interesting for me. We never met with hostess. Using the code we got the keys, then we unlock everything you need. 😄

Link to accommodation: = 3cwe380lisbu

If you would like to get 30 € discount on accommodation from Airbnb, the sign by means of the line:


That in Italy need not worry. Local specialties can be found here on every corner and also the hypermarkets / parties. It should, however, pay attention to the opening hours of restaurants. Mean operating time is 12:30-15:00, 19:00-1:00. Italians live simply and in a week and have no problem drinking a bottle of wine at lunch. Restaurants, that I would recommended:

  • F.G. Pasquini– excellent lasagna and spaghetti (a total of pasta if you would like to try) price: 9-15€ za obed

  • If you find local specialties, so visit Trattoria. We were in two, at first we had a traditional Tagliatelle alla Bolognese and pizzas. I think, that to that is not even have to speak, because it was amazing. The apple Trattoria: pizza (+– 10€)

Both restaurants are in the main square.

meals, you would definitely have to taste:

  • Lasagne

  • Tagliatelle Bolognese

  • Pizza

  • Gelato

  • Tasting different cheeses, hams and wines

places, you should visit:

  • Two towers- two towers higher is 97 meters and is called Asinelli, below is 47 meters and is interesting in, that is tilted.
  • Piazza Maggiore

  • St. Paul's Cathedral. Petra- huge altar
  • Roam the streets
  • Alma matter– the oldest university in the world
  • Quadrilateral

Answering the question why the Bologna referred to as red / fire city sounds so, that almost all buildings are in red, orange, ocher, salmon or yellow in color, and when looking at them from above, for example, from the highest tower so there you will see the answer.

Finally, I say, Bologna that conceals 7 Secrets of Bologna (7 secrets Bologna) and I will tell you in the next article. ✨

Thank you for reading, and yet ... LIVE THE ADVENTURE!
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