Traveling in terms of flight attendants

Daniela Vašková, stewardess

Do you dream of flight attendants called? We decided to confess one slovenka, Daniel Vaškova, which will tell you about his vocation. his plus, and minuses and interesting incidents. How to get to the profession and whether it was her childhood dream.

the destinations remain at more than 1-2 weeks. currently sme na month in Suriname and very out of it we are looking forward 🙂

If your biggest phobia is Fear of flying, so you are right. We will tell you, how to deal with it. You will also learn about the AirExplore, Sukrumnej Slovak companies.

On Instagram you go by the name "Dragonfly_", that was interesting. How did he come to such a nickname? You share many beautiful pictures from various destinations and we could notice, that working as a flight attendant. Attracts you travel outside working hours?

"Vazka is nickname, which I prischla in childhood just because of my surname Vašková 🙂 Travel outside of work I enjoy much more, because as a flight attendant have time to explore the places in detail.“

We know, that flight attendant profession is challenging. You have to try to accommodate all passengers and sometimes it really is not easy. Did you tell us some funny or vice versa sad story?

"One can not just can not imagine, what all, we experience as flight attendants. Literally sad story fortunately I have, those funny is definitely more. For example I often happens, I ask that women under the regulations at boarding , or is pregnant and she does not answer. It is quite embarrassing, and at that moment for me and my colleagues funny, because the lady expression, which you just said, that is fat, worth it haha.“

"It also becomes, that people do not notice during service, that they ask, what you can to drink so their get used address. „Madam, something to drink?“ a when she turned to me ma'am, I found out, He's a guy with long hair. That we both laughed 😀 „

Some people still think, that flight attendant profession is still only be adjusted, dear, Smiling a control some of those languages. Did you tell us what is really eyes stewardesses?

Sadly, that many people take flight attendant, as operator on the plane. They are often unpleasant for us and we can spoil all their flight behavior, while we're on the plane just because of him and it is us, Who they will receive in case of evacuation to safety. On the other hand, I still manage to delight passengers, who are grateful, They know what it is to work hard and appreciate it, because they stood up for him 3 the morning, so you get for Christmas for their families in a timely manner even though, that we are at Christmas to ours, we can not be 😉

Is there a destination where returns would most like and there is a chance, that he still has not visited your dream country?

Very Council returns to Germany, but I'm just one of the few haha. I like the mentality of these people and easily with them on the plane works. My dream is to visit New York, but not as a stewardess.

We expect, that you have no fear of flying. Do you have any motto or something what is proper and what would help, for example by, What are afraid of flying?

From childhood I was thrilled of flying, so I never had any fear or problem with flying. I would probably people, that fly for the first time, and the fight was advised to travel with related parties, which previously flew and gives them a sense of security.

What most appealed to you in this profession. It has some pluses or minuses vice versa? It was your dream since childhood?

It was not any my big dream. I knew, that this time I want to try, and when the opportunity came, I felt, that now is the time. Pros are mainly just in the travel and the minuses I would ranked irregular sleep and, I am far from my family.

As the journey often, You knew would tell you about a super (adrenalínovom) Experience in some destinations, who would have advised us?

For me was the walk Morocco Mall adrenaline haha. But I would probably go back to quads in Tel Aviv, or the balloon flight, also on Zip Line v Suriname, Paramaribo. Most of the experience is more pleasant such as adrenaline .

Did you tell us something about the company for which you fly and how long you work for it? It was difficult to get there ?

work has more than a year and a half pre Slovak company AIR EXPLORE, which engaged in leasing aircraft to other airlines. therefore often the destinations remain at more than 1-2 weeks. currently sme na month in Suriname and very out of it we are looking forward 🙂
For me, every company requires certain skills and abilities and it's up to humans as the interview can „perform“. It was not even difficult nor easy. You need to prepare for Test of English and Geography.

What are the conditions for admission to the airline, for flying ? It needs some special study?

Of course required graduation, English Communicative a clean criminal record. The remaining requirements are listed on their website.

We know, that is currently in Suriname. He spoke to the coastal state in South America? Did you tell us in brief summarize tamojší life ?

When I heard, I'm going to America I thought we were going to a country full of English speakers, everywhere I American flags, etc.. But the opposite is true . Since it is The former Dutch colony, all this talk in Dutch. In the city it's for dangerous women and we go out rarely resort. We live but capital Paramaribo and here it is inhabited mostly by tourists, so here it is also quite clear . This is but a other parts of Suriname say not – garbage everywhere and switches 🙁
What I can not but mention the beautiful palm forest a rum, who is here sells for less than half ! ALE is a holiday just take a 1L per person , ups.

If you are interested in our interview with Daniela and you should have any questions, so we ask in the comments. Below you will also find it really interesting color and instagram full of inspiration for traveling. So do not hesitate and draw new inspiration for a new holiday destination!

Thank you for reading, and yet ... LIVE THE ADVENTURE!


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