Ferrata HZS Kyseľ (Slovak Paradise)

In the previous article I briefly acquainted you with Slovak paradise. One of the most beautiful natural areas in Slovakia. In this article, we return here again and I realize you more right Slovak wilderness, and that is Ferrata HZS Kyseľ. You will experience an unforgettable experience!

Meanwhile as we shifted to a point 6 (Temnica) I had a really nice and unexpected meeting. Behind rocks I započula drought and shouting someone from our game watch, but until I do, I was a registered Faced with chamois.

Nature trail Ferrata FRS Kyseľ from 1. November 2018 until 14. June 2019 CLOSED for reasons of conservation.

overall price is 15 € (10€ Ferrata is set + 5€ is the essential one-time transition ferrata, admission after applying regional discount is 2,5 €).
Revenue for entry will be used solely for the purpose of conservation. A ticket to get a color puzzle O Ferries, describing places ferrata, natural values ​​gorges and many other attractions on Kysela.

Organizational instructions by visiting:

  1. mandatory equipment: ferratový set. Ferries can be visited individually or can be ordered on the Administration of NP Slovak Paradise accompanied by professional commentary. Companionship is not required.
  2. Ferries between prístua 15. June to 31. October. Ferry is one-way only the bottom-up. Tour details you can see on the attached picture below.

on the jigsaw, you get in early you have 9 points with, to learn more about the Gorge. I will describe a few of those, I've also caught in photos.

3. barricade waterfall- First waterfall in the gorge and one of the most beautiful stretches ferrata.

5. Chapel waterfall- This is the place, which after a fire in the gorge most changed. Original waterfall is buried under a layer of rubble and tree trunks from požiaroviska.

6. prison- Romantic most beautiful part of the Strait of Slovak Paradise.

7. above Temnica- can be found here scree forest consists mainly sycamore maple.

8. Giant waterfall- For me the most difficult stretch ferrata, but the view was definitely worth it. At the very top of the bridge over vodoadom ferrata ends here and joins road, which is also accessible for the average visitor in the direction of the mountain.

Our process will continue to Kláštorisko. I recommend the visit and this place. You can get here on foot from the Ves, Smižian, spišských Tomášoviec, Letanovce, Hrabušice or Dediniek. Place to relax and recharge your batteries and will enjoy a well in the mountain restaurant. Since our visit was the last possible day, so restaurant was already closed. We, however, hamper the, We had their food.

You will find a symbolic cemetery, or the ruins of the Carthusian monastery. This place is really charming and peacemakers.

The symbolic cemetery
monument rescuers , who tragically died in rescue operations on 17.07.2015
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