Gaudí's city- Barcelona

Barcelona it would be without the architect, sculptor and painter Antonia Gaudího but ordinary center of Catalonia, no thanks to him it city ​​like from a fairy tale. With Madrid centuries vie for primacy tourists but it has long since chosen the winner.

You I par my tips for easier recognition town:

  • Do not together all cash and credit cards, at least not in the same place! This applies of course in almost every city of the world, but in Barcelona high crime and thefts. Is there a legalizovaná marijuana = many dealers as well as local robbing tourists
  • Do not be hasty and prefer to rest in See only the most famous monuments, Lower the breakdown which took me
  • Nestravujte on Las Ramblas! It's most famous street (tabloid) city ​​and domestic tourists there earn their overpriced food, which often times is not so good, for how much it sold. It is best to visit in the street morning, which it is not as overpopulated. Certainly here but do not miss the local Markets full of exotic food!
  • Buy your tickets in galleries and various other attractions advance online! Admission to the most famous monuments may be the day of your visit sold out or Nacak at least a few hours, and thus you can to pass the time
  • Eat at the time when the domestic! Maybe it especially important, but the Spaniards compared to our country, for example, have a very late dinner, usually between the eighth and tenth hour, or conversely lunch, between one fourth and. If you come have lunch somewhere before, You would like cranks prepared and less tasty food, only due to bother rather kvOli few people.

There are places, to me personally most impressed and you should definitely not miss them when you visit this magical town:

The Slike Family

(Church of the Holy Family) It is the main landmark of Barcelona, which is under construction since 1882. It should be completed in 2026, na 100. anniversary of the death of the architect Antoni Gaudí, which proposed Basilica. The basilica is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The basic tour of the interior is 15 €, the tower you have to pay extra for an additional 14 €. For more info:

Casa Mila

Its interior with spiral stairs without a single straight wall creates an futuristic buildings. It is the last secular buildings of Gaudí. There is also Gaudi Museum. Admission is € 22. For more info:

Casa Batllo

Another part of the architect, this sophisticated residential house. It is a building, where is can glimpse a number of architectural styles that, as well as his other works. The roof of the house recalls the lizard back, lines are wavy exterior and interior. Admission is € 24.50.

Park Güell

It is a unique garden complex, which was designed by Gaudí for a wealthy merchant order Eusebius Guel. Initially be created vast garden city, but ultimately the implementation never happened. The park was built only two houses for Gaudí and Guel, which it is now a museum. After entering the park welcomes a wide entrance stairs, the symbol guard dutiesého park - Dragon, fairy houses, cheerful colors, columns in the shape of trees concealing promenade and beautiful gardens, terrace impressive views of Barcelona, all this can be found in the most interesting public park. Lovers of modern art I'd also recommended most visited Museo Picasso. It located in the historic city center in a beautiful palace, which consists of three Gothic buildings. You may see here drawings and paintings painters from different periods.

Something for football fans

When you visit this beautiful city do not forget to visit the Nou Camp football stadium, which is the home stadium of the most famous football club FC Barcelona. Its capacity is nearly 100 thousands of spectators and thereby represents the largest European stadium. There is also museum of FC Barcelona, chapel, because Spaniards are deeply religious and trade of the original jerseys and other souvenirs (It is very overpriced). I recommend to visit the stadium in the morning, To avoid long councils, and also not on the day of the match, because you are because of privacy footballers did not get to normally accessible places.

Thank you for reading, and yet.. LIVE THE ADVENTURE!
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