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Today I tell about our tripe to London.

Capital England, known as multi cultural city without borders.

This fact can confirm, whereas England is known, that has its own kitchen and thus, Cooking mix of all types of cuisines. It also has benefits. While in Slovakia, we have a choice for lunch from Regensburg, pasta or salmon. In England peacefully in the daily menu can find it from fiction world. from Japan, through Mexican to Italian specialties.

So I continued the theme of the city without borders, see my, when I say, that has no boundaries. People do not address everyday life, no problems and everything goes fast. At the beginning of my stay, I thought, that to me all the time dizzy. Everyone is rushed somewhere. quickly, and the most economical.

For the transport in the city I used oister Card ( click here YOU and gets official )

It can be purchased in:

  • Information window Underground
  • newsagents
  • special machines at the entrance and exit of the subway and train station

Card can pay to attach In bus, meter , DLR , London Overground (above-ground subway) , TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line (cableway) a River autobus.

But there are other payment options for urban transport. You can be paid on the go– which means, that all you need is payment card. Card follow the example the entry and exit of the composition and the amount is deducted contactless.

In London, of course, it is transported and otherwise, for example

  • uber
  • taxi
  • renting bicycles (about it then 😉)

What to visit in London?

Of course, that I would have to write the usual attractions like the London Eye and Tower Bridge. But I will not do.

In London, I spent 2 weeks and I found a beautiful place and I have a tip for you and for lunch.

If you want a really classical, so I recommend London Eye, but try it at night.

+ without tourists

+ beautiful lights

St. Pancras HOTEL

It located at King's Cross Station . The world-famous station, where there is also a


9 a 3/4. I was there, I saw, enough. Haha, the advice on labeling platforms for speech not worth.

Hotel looks beautiful and reminds lock. Before the hotel is oversized swing, from which I had the pleasure as an adult and the children are not even talking. I did not notice it at first, is a bit hidden in the back but definitely worth the search.


One of the richest parts of London and believe me, It is certainly the most beautiful.

Hyde Park

Make. Make. Make. Make. The most beautiful sunset of my life. And not only there, but overall it is indispensable England sunsets.

We have borrowed bikes and the entire park we prebicyklovali.

( click here YOU for more information)

With friends we made a picnic and it was a nice feeling, sitting in the park until it a blind. We did not know, that the parks closed, and one part of us there and closed.. so Attention!

Camden Town

Teen district full of food, music and street art. I, visited here on Friday evening, which probably was my best decision. We moved the water and enjoy the beautiful sunset with friends with music. Then I also came on Saturday morning, because I was really impressed this place. Vomit out to every corner of the house and xy rôzych bottles válajúcich the ground, I remained really impressed. I love graffiti and such.. were next level.

and last but not least…

REMEMBER, so that the English neobedujú, as we in Slovakia. For them it is a quick lunch and cold. In other words.. you walk into Tesco and you buy a baguette or toast and some fruit and lunch it is in the world. Tesco was not mentioned at random. after mealdeal( toast, voda, fruit ) I tried various chains. Tesco, Marks&Spencer,Sainsbury’s,.. and definitely the tastiest and the best was in Tesco for £ 3.
Thank you for reading, and yet.. LIVE THE ADVENTURE!
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