Macedonia – Skopje

City kitsch and nice people.

Exactly, I'd identified capital – Skopje.

But we start from a scratch .


We flew by Wizzair, tickets and me went to 20 €. (without buying luggage)

This flight was one of beautiful in my life, thanks to the position of Macedonia, the country is mountainous and Skopje is located between several hills. At a range of take-off and I had a beautiful view of the snowy peaks.


I travel a lot and houses exclusively through Airbnb and this accommodation, It was the best yet cost-cozy-position in which I have ever been. Apartment was 25 floor the highest residential building in Skopje and the inside is also swimming pool and sauna

The most beautiful part of the whole accommodation, It has views. We arrived early evening and at the entrance through the front door, I remained in awe.

I enclose you a link to click accommodation SEM you will be redirected.

The price of accommodation was 40€ ( 2 nights 2 persons )

To register for the site Airbnb, Click on this TU link for a discount of up to 39€.

Our first steps were directed to stand, where we have already bought a card for public transport – coaches

funfact - Skopje rides "doubledecker" completely identical to the London

cards called SKOPSKA they stood 150 denarii (2,5€) for one (charged 2 rides) + each new horse stable 35 denarii (0,50€)

Ms understood to stand in Slovak, since macedónčina the Slavic language, only in what is different is that, that everything written in Cyrillic.

  1. Namierili we have the Old Bazaar

The market is located in the old town, a few minutes from downtown – on foot.

In this part of town are staying mainly Turkish citizens and I had a little fear (since I blonde) but it was useless. People are very nice and welcoming.

I tasted local Turkish Kebab. I found out, Kebab that is not Kebab. They brought me something like our čevapčiči. It was weird, it tasted exactly like kebab meat but did not seem so. Price per serving was 140 denarii (2,30€).

dog in the picture is not by chance, during my stay I shot xy pobehujúcich wild dogs

Then we ordered Give and it was our famous Kebab. Meat, which turns on the grill and pancakes to rust.. He tastes different to ours but it was not something, What would be impossible to get used to. Price 100 denarii (1,60€)

We watched the city and we continued to join, that we had exported directly under the lift.

the picture on the right you can see the city gýčovosť – at each tip of the statue and each lamp is coated in gold

  1. Millennium Cross

Up we got the bus to the cable car.

The joint was free, so no need to buy tickets for Skopski

funicular stood 100 denarii (1,60€) two-way. Already while driving up, we have a beautiful view of the Skopje, but that we still expect, what we'll see,when come up.

Here ended our trip, but I will come back…

Macedonia, It is beautiful and definitely worth tasting!

Thank you for reading and LIVE THE ADVENTURE!
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