Počas minulého leta som absolvovala letný jazykový pobyt na Malte cez agentúru Why I decided just for the holiday destination has been a number of reasons. The main reason was the temperature in Malta is average 34 stupňov a nehrozia nejaké špeciálne zmeny, in terms of the weather.

I graduated in Malta 2 týždňový jazykový pobyt zo začiatku som sa obávala, the school holidays and it does not come together quite the contrary. It was one of my best decisions. InterStudy It offers a very rich program. Upon arrival I received a schedule for 2 weeks were included in it only clocks in school, but especially early, poobedňajšie a večerné aktivity plus či nám v ten deň jedlo poskytuje škola alebo hostfamily. It was very easy to navigate booklet which I guided my entire stay. The next day, Monday, I wrote the entry test for which you qualify for classes according to your level of English. In class I was with the Swiss, Poles, Russians, the French, Italians and Poles. A chance, that is to get the class Slovaks or Czechs is really minimal.

I was teaching in a playful way that was not on the principle of current Slovak Education, but more recent of which would be most schools in Slovakia inspire. Notes we wrote at least, but unlike that we still communicated discussed interesting, current topics and accounted for videos based on the selected topics. Homework waving a once we are gone, we no longer think of the program, which awaits us this afternoon.

We waved school either in the morning or afternoon on the grounds that were based on the rest of the activities that day. As I mentioned I was staying in a hostfamily. I lived with a German woman and a Japanese woman. Amazing for the whole stay is, that does not educate only at school, but to improve their English, whether in activities, or accommodation. will not happen, that he gave the agency to families with Slovakians and example of four French. Anyway, it was great roommates were my age with whom I spent most of the time.

Hostfamily som mala tiež veľmi dobrú vždy pri večeri sme sa rozprávali o rôznych témach v deň príchodu nám dali aj kľúčiky od domu. It was also because, that in the evening we had a different party and we went home at night when sleeping already. We had a private bathroom and room. It was elderly couple, but they took care of us and even told, we like their grandchildren.On weekends we spent time at various beaches. Malta, regarding the beach is really, which offer. They are clean sandy beaches.

We were also trips to the Blue Lagoon after you visit you will be truly experience.I have traveled that much, but so beautiful clear sea turquoise know, or somewhere in Europe you see. It was really incredible. Btw: Photo is added without effect it really such a color 😀 .

Navštívila som aj hlavné mesto Vallettu, which is characterized by a nice streets go on holiday historical monuments. Only on Sunday we had more free program so we used to go there in the evening to go and of course shopping. At the turn of July-August when I was there were really discounted prices.

Buses to Malta stand 2 euros and to them one at which distance you go. But fortunately, we used to go by public transport only on Sunday. We used to go the rest of minibuses, allowing us to provide our school.

Nočný život na Malte je naozaj pestrý. Certainly there will not be bored at night. This site is aimed mainly for younger ages. I graduated foamparty, neonparty, but also klasické a tá úroveň je naozaj super. All these parties we organized our school, ale chodili na ne aj študenti z iných letných škôl a bola to naozaj super. Because I had the opportunity there to get to know other people and everything in my age category

The total value of staying very positive improvement I, in terms of communication skills, He got to know great people and visit a beautiful place like Malta, I'm going to surely still visit.

Thank you for reading, and yet ... LIVE THE ADVENTURE!
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